Thursday, December 22, 2011

Review: Epistick Facial Hair Remover

DIRECTIONS: - Bend the stick into an inverted "U" and place it against the hairs you want to remove. Hold the handles, twist the stick in opposite directions. The hairs are trapped between the tightly coil spring which grips and removes them in one swift movement.

REVIEW:  I have been wanting to try the Epistick for quite awhile now. I have upper lip hair and blonde hairs on my face so I was looking for an alternative to waxing.I decided to do some research on the epistick and read reviews on it. A lot of users recommended it saying that it's fast, painless, and works well. So I thought what do I have to lose. I decided to go on ebay and found five for $3.29 with shipping included. It took about 14 days before I received the product. I must say the first time using it, it hurt. My face was also red. I would definitely recommend using it after taking a shower. Despite the redness and pain from using it for the first time, I would highly recommend it and will continue to use it.

  • Super cheap
  • Quick to use
  • Actually works at removing the hairs
  • Convient to pack for travel
  • No chemicals, or anything harmful for your face

  • Painful
  • Only for facial hair
  • Doesn't remove all hair (may have to go over several times)
  • leaves face red after using

  •  Pen size and light weight, take it wherever you go!!
  • Removes hair root for long lasting hair-free complexion
  • Original threading facial hairs remover, no pain!

RETAIL: I purchased mine off ebay for $3.29, shipping included,  if you would like to purchase click here

Have you ever tried this product?? Did you like it?? 

**Disclaimer: this product was purchased by me, I was NOT paid to review this product. this was all on my own behalf**


  1. WOW, that's pretty awesome!! thank you for sharing :)))

  2. I have never heard of anything like this! lol

  3. I have never heard of this either...Im not sure if I would try it either though.

    1. @Dani-it is weird but it actually works. If you would be interested in trying one message and I will mail you one out at my cost. :)

      @Naara-it's a great product. You should give it a try. ;)