Monday, March 19, 2012

John Abate Tanning Lotions

One of the ways that I deal with my psoriasis is tanning in a tanning bed.  I know what you are thinking, "tanning is not good for you".  It has definitely helped my psoriasis though. I was very excited to get the opportunity to try out some John Abate tanning lotions and a self tanner.

So who is John Abate?
John Abaté International manufactures skincare and tanning products that use all-natural ingredients to promote and maintain the health of your skin, the body's largest organ.  John Abaté himself and his staff of chemists select only the highest-quality, premium ingredients for our exclusive European formulas.  With minimal amounts of preservatives and no animal testing whatsoever, only the most precious natural vitamins and botanicals are synergistically combined in just the right proportion to ensure healthful, youthful-looking, and radiant skin.  Tanners who maintain the proper pH and moisture levels of their skin achieve darker, richer, prolonged color faster; thus, JA has designed skincare products for facial care, body care, and bath, all especially formulated for tanners.  Of utmost importance is the use of JA tanning emulsions prior to indoor sessions and after-tan moisturizers, such as JA Radiance, for both indoor and outdoor tanning, to ensure the deepest, most long-lasting tan possible.  A growing trend in tanning salons, day spas, beauty salons, and even dermatologists' offices is the use of UV-free hand-held spray tanning equipment and spray booths; again JA is in the lead in the sunless field.  We have various types of JA Spray Tan/Airbrush Solution available for purchase and even a JA hand-held turbine system and customized spray booth, including all the necessary accessory products!

Samples I received were:
  • Babie (Experience the new standard of indoor tanning with JA Babié, John Abaté's sumptuous tanning and skin care lotion that babies and pampers your skin with our most indulgent tanning and skin care formula yet. This lavish, synergistic blend of tanning melanin enhancers, nourishing botanical extracts, replenishing and deep moisturizing vitamins and minerals combined with the latest, most advanced age-reversing ingredients work to deeply tan, moisturize and reduce fine lines and wrinkles while visibly firming skin. Experience baby-soft, beautifully bronzed skin with noticeably improved texture and tone.)
  • Chocolait et Framboises (Indulge yourself with the sultry aromas of rich dark chocolate and tempting raspberry. Chocolait et Framboises exclusive EuroVitamin Bronzing Complex and a sinfully hot epidermal stimulator will satisfy your cravings for a decadently dark tanning experience.)
  • Creme Brule (Deliciously Decadent Dark Tanning Emulsion.  Scented with luscious vanilla and caramel to delight the senses.  Crème Brûlée will satisfy even the most demanding tanner. John Abaté International's exclusive EuroVitamin Bronzing Complex speeds the production of tanning melanin, imparting a solarium tan beyond expectation. Crème Brûlée is suitable for any skin type at any stage of indoor tanning.)
  • For Man (Förmän Tanning Enforcer, accelerated tanning created and scented especially for men, delivers powerful tanning results. Contains Vitamin A & E complex, B derivative, plus Tyrosine in a sheer vanishing formula.)
  • Melaplus (A unique melanin enhancer formulated especially for tanners.  Should be used during the first few tanning sessions to build a base tan.  Once a base tan has been established, advance to the next level (Tingle Factor 1).  John Abate's accelerating formula, Melaplus, should continue to be used as a daily skin conditioner on a regular basis to extend and improve tanning results.)
  • Mango Flambe (Très, très hot tanning acceleration. Yield to the enticing essence of mango as you bask in the fiery intensity that is Mango Flambè. With an intense epidermal stimulator and our exclusive EuroVitamin Bronzing Complex, Mango Flambè is Cote d'Azur's scandalously hot tanning accelerator. The Mango Flambè experience begins upon application, lasting with hot intensity throughout the tanning session. The heat will subside as the day progresses, leaving your skin with a sensuous bronze glow.)
  • Quintessential Bronzer (is a light bronzing lotion gives a fast beautiful bronzed tan with or without tanning and can be used as a body moisturizer or tan extender)
  • Quintessential Tingle 5 (is a very hot tingle with amazing results, should be used only  by experienced tingle users)
  • Sweet Pea (This tanning emulsion that adds just enough oomph to give you the darkest tan imaginable. With a discreet amount of DHA, the fundamental ingredient in self-tanning lotions, Sweet Pea also provides the best skin care possible.)

    REVIEW: John Abate lotions are so amazing. I really loved trying out all of the lotions but my two favorite lotions were Babie and Melaplus. The lotions are so creamy and moisturize your skin and make it so soft. I really loved that. I also noticed a big color difference after each use. They were also very easy to blend in and smell very good. They offer sample bottles that you can purchase before buying a full size bottle. I would highly recommend John Abate tanning lotions if you are a tanner. They are definitely worth the money.

    For those who tan, what are your favorite indoor tanning lotions??

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    LOOK for my John Abate self tanning spray review very soon!!

    Disclaimer: I was sent these products for consideration to review. I am in no way affiliated with John Abate,  nor am I being compensated for this review. As always, these are my honest opinions.


    1. oh thats cool I didn't know that tanning could help with psoriasis! My grams has it.

      Thank you for stopping by my blog :-) <3

      To answer your question I mostly use a flat shader brush that I've had forever!! I bought from a drugstore. haha and a blending brush from sigma. pretty basic :-)

      1. Yes, tanning has helped my psoriasis greatly. Having psoriasis is no fun. Sorry to hear your grams has it. Thanks for letting me know what brushes you use. I guess it's all about technique and not the brush. I'm trying to work on getting better at my make up so that I can do some FOTD.