Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Swedish Beauty Tanning Lotions

One of my favorite tanning lotion brands is Swedish Beauty. I have been using this brand for a little over five years and really like it a lot. I was very excited to receive five samples in a nice little make up bag.  for review.

About Swedish Beauty:

The Swedish Beauty brand originated in Sweden and was founded on using vitamins for healthy skin.  To this day, Swedish Beauty remains true to its roots of making your color and skincare of the highest priority.  Our tanning and after tan products cater to the most discriminating tanner who demands top quality and performance in their tanning lotion.   Achieve dark color and live the legend with Swedish Beauty®!Swedish Beauty Botanica® uses the finest ingredients while remaining 95% natural and paraben free!  This line was created for the green tanner who demands deep, rich color and healthy skin.  It is eco-chic for the globally glam.

Samples I received:
-Be Envied
-Berry Beautiful
-Enchanted Beauty
-Steal the Limelight

  • Be envied(Skin Awakening™ Tingle Technology is here to push your color beyond limits. This new tingle technology heats and warms skin while the tingle sensation activates color. When finished, skin will have a rich distinguished color.  Paired with the most wholesome Swedish land ingredients to satisfy skin’s nutritional needs, this concentrated serum nourishes for a visibly healthy glow and unfathomable bronze color.)-This was definitely my favorite lotion. I loved the tingle in it and saw color in one use. I liked that it didn't stain my hands and that the tingle lasted a few hours after tanning. It was very light, fresh, easy to blend in, and I didn't notice any after tan odor.

  • Berry Beautiful(Quench your skin with this antioxidant rich bronzer with natural bronzers for instant dark, color. Rejuvenate, refresh and renew your skin with the power of berries!  Paired with long lasting natural bronzers, skin will look berry radiant and berry bronze.)- This lotion was very creamy and easy to blend in. It has some slight shimmer but not a lot. It has a very nice light scent, kind of like bubble gum. Not overpowering at all. I noticed a slight change in color after one us. Made my skin extra soft.

  • Enchanted Beauty(PhytoDark™ Marine Blend Melanin enhancing bioactive Brown Algae harvested from the Baltic Sea intensifies your ability to bronze Magic in a Bottle Perfectly combined skin care elements paired together restore the appearance of youthful skin)-This is a very nice lotion and I really like it a lot. It was very easy to blend in and my skin felt super soft after using this lotion. No after tan odor at all. I had a slight color boost from this lotion.

  • Grapeful(You’ll be grapeful for the way your skin looks after using this ultra darkening tanning lotion.  The toning and tightening effects of grapes will be hard at work while bronzers and DHA provide a brilliant color that only deepens with time.)-This lotion was very moisturizing and goes on smooth. Smells just like wine. Had a little after tan odor but not overpowering. I noticed a little color boost from this lotion but not much. One of the least favorites I received.

  • Steal the Limelight(The limelight will be all yours after using this natural bronzer for blemish free skin. With the cleansing power of limes your skin will appear smooth and flawless.  Paired with a powerful mix of natural bronzers you’ll have gorgeous dark color!)-This lotion was definitely the one I didn't like the most. The only thing I liked about it was that it made my skin very soft and easily rubbed in. The lime was very overpowering and I had a lot of after tan odor. I noticed no color boost at all from this lotion. Would not recommend.

For those who tan, have you tried Swedish Beauty?? What are your favorite lotions from Swedish Beauty??

Disclaimer: I was sent these products for consideration to review. I am in no way affiliated with Swedish Beauty,  nor am I being compensated for this review. As always, these are my honest opinions.


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