Friday, October 5, 2012

Pumpkin carving for big kids

Carving pumpkins is a superb tradition that stays with us for life, while kids
love designing their own spooky or silly pumpkin faces at Halloween. With a
little creativity, your pumpkin carving can go from average to enviable. Once
you’ve sorted out their costumes (it’s worth noting that 
Woolworths has great kids Halloween costumes for you to check out), it’s time to get busy with the
overgrown squash. The following three pumpkin design ideas are all made
from household items and cheap Halloween-themed props that are readily
available throughout October.

Pond-Dwelling Pumpkin

You’ll need either a fairly small pumpkin or a particularly large sandwich
bag to create a Pond-Dwelling Pumpkin. First off, carve your pumpkin face
and pop it into a see-through plastic bag. Now, this is the tricky part: whilst
you hold the bag in place, get one of the kids to fill it with cold water. Add a
couple of drops of diluted green food colouring to create a more pond-like
appearance, before tying the bag in a tight knot at the top of the pumpkin’s
stalk. How do you illuminate an underwater pumpkin? Well, you use a glow
stick, of course. They provide a cheap and flame-free way to light up jack o’
lanterns, and a green stick will cast an eerie underwater glow that will last for

Carrie Pumpkin

One for older kids to enjoy: Shaun of the Dead director Edgar Wright‘s
favourite horror movie is ’70s classic Carrie, based on the novel by king of
horror, Stephen King. A Carrie Pumpkin is easy (as pumpkin pie…) to make.
Carve a sad-faced pumpkin, top with a tiara and drizzle fake blood from the
crown of the pumpkin’s head. Due to the messy fake blood, Carrie Pumpkins
should be kept on a plate or tray and out of the way of any hungry pets!

Poorly Pumpkin

What do you do with your pumpkin’s innards? Washing, drying and roasting
the seeds makes a great party snack, but it’s a slow and messy process to
extract them from the pulpy fibres. Instead, make the kids giggle by creating a
Poorly Pumpkin. Your pumpkin needs to sit a little higher than usual, so prop
it up on a stack of coasters. Carve a wide mouth and squinting eyes, and trail
the discarded innards from the mouth to make a poorly, puking pumpkin!

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