Monday, October 28, 2013

The SlimPlate System

The SlimPlate System is a 13 piece portion control kit created by Dr. Nwe and Dr Grewal (two bariatric physicians).

This system relies on systematic portion control method which is 100%
natural. Carbs are limited but never eliminated. Completing the
initial weight loss period of the system takes about 3 months, one month per
portion plate. Once completed the user has the option of starting the
system over again to continue losing weight, or maintain their goal
weight on the maintenance plate.

Each step portion plate is easy to use. Colored lines on the plates dictate 
the type of food and proper portion for each. Pink is protein, blue is
starches and green is veggies. Then just eat within the lines! Women use
the inside lines and men the outside ones. They have the freedom to eat
what they wish and prepare it how they wish as long as it stays within
 the lines. For items that don't fit neatly into the lines, like a
 sandwich, we created the Portion Control Cutters. Just prepare as you normally
 would  and use the cutter to create the correct portion.

Users are allowed 3 caloric drinks per day to be split how they see
 fit between the hot and cold cups (say a hot coffee in the morning, a
 regular soda at lunch and a glass of wine at dinner). The rest of the day,
 drink water.

Made of high quality china all of the portion control plates and bowls  are
both dishwasher and microwave safe. The Portion Control Cutters are high 
quality silicone and stainless steel.

The Complete Set

SlimPlate Success Stories

The SlimPlate System is more than portion control dinnerware. For a  limited
time, we are also offering the assistance of our professional Weight Loss
Coaches right here at Ace Medical Weight Loss Center to all users of  the
SlimPlate System. In the center, this service would cost $350 that is a
savings of over $230! The doctors are offering this bonus for a very
limited time!

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