Monday, November 25, 2013

Review: Elma-Sana

Elma & Sana is a direct importer of Organic Argan Oil and provides a variety of Argan Oil products at very reasonable prices.

They recently sent me a very generous sampling of some of their top products which included:
  • 100% Pure Organic Moroccan Argan Oil
  • Argan Oil Whipped Butter Moisturizer with Lavendar Essential Oil
  • Argan Peppermint Lip Balm

100% Pure Organic Moroccan Argan Oil:
I love this argan oil. I have had issues with finding one in the past that was not greasy. I am happy that this one is non-greasy. Argan Oil is definitely a must have beauty product. It's suitable for all skin and hair types including sensitive and acne prone. (I suffer with sensitive skin and scalp) It is a great product for restoring moisture to dry cuticles and strengthening nails. You can even apply to hair any time or after shampooing as a leave-in treatment or use as pre-wash treatment applying it 30 minutes before shampooing – massage scalp and brush through hair will give added benefits. 
Argan Oil Whipped Butter Moisturizer with Lavendar Essential Oil:
This product was one of my favorites that I received. It has argan oil, Shea butter, and Cocoa butter which help to moisturize dry skin. I love that this moisturizer has more than one use. You can use it in your hair and on your body. Its so light and creamy. I applied the moisturizer to the bottom of my feet and they were so soft. It also has a lavendar scent which is known to be relaxing and soothing.

 Argan Peppermint Lip Balm:
 This lip balm is amazing and I love it. It's one of the best lip balms I have ever tried!! It hydrates, soothes and provides long lasting moisture. No preservatives, no parabans, no synthetic fragrances and no artificial colors, 100% natural and vegetarian.  

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Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by Elma-Sana  for review purposes only. No payment was received for this review. My reviews are based on my personal opinions and experience using the item. All opinions are my own and 100%  honest. 

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