Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ella Bing Elaborates on Their Groundbreaking Hand Made Wooden Bowties

(Tampa, FL) February 3 – Ella Bing Bow Ties of Tampa Bay, explains their one of a kind handmade wooden bow ties. While they have been making the groundbreaking product for some time, with the new line coming out, it is time to explain just how unique this product this.

They are hand crafted, each by one person. The detail in each bow tie is phenomenal. Each bow tie takes 4-6 hours to make.
“It’s like wearing a work of art around my neck.” says one Ella Bing customer. Ella Bing makes fashion history with it’s wooden bow ties. Ella Bing is the first company to make a product like this, and they do it best.
Ella Bing owner, Brent Kraus is excited about the reaction from customers toward the one of a kind, wooden bowties.
About Ella Bing
Ella Bing is based in Tampa Bay, Florida. They are family owned business specializing in both cloth and wood bow ties, while paying attention to seasonal fabrics. Ella Bing was founded after the loss of a brother and son, Matthew Kraus. The Kraus family honors Matthew's spirit, infectious personality and love of fashion with handmade custom bow ties, much like Matthew himself would have worn. Matthew lives on in timeless style via Ella Bing and his family. The work is centered around quality, presentation, attention to detail and customer service.
For more information about Ella Bing, please visit: http://www.EllaBing.com/

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