Friday, February 14, 2014

Review: Coconut World

Coconut World is about the world of coconuts--everything that the coconut palm tree offers, from the superfoods, geotextiles, and biofuels, to the communities that rely on them. Our mission is to bring this world to YOU, our customer.
At Coconut World, we are committed to offering you the highest quality superfoods and in the process, educating you about their natural goodness. We are also committed to helping the communities of coconut farmers in many parts of the world. Coconut World trades directly with farm co-operatives, allowing the farmers to capture a greater share of the market value. We also work closely with both governmental and non-profit based poverty reduction projects that help to educate, empower and support rural farming communities.

For review I received:
Organic Coconut Flour
Organic Coconut Sugar
Organic Coconut Jam

Organic Coconut Flour: Coconut Flour is a nourishing alternative to wheat and other grain-based flours. Its unique properties include:
  • Gluten-free
  • High in dietary fiber
  • A good source of protein
  • Low in digestible carbohydrates
  • Unrefined and unbleached
  • 0g Trans fat
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan
Coconut flour has a light coconut flavor and a natural sweetness making it a delicious choice to use in a variety of baked goods. To substitute in a recipe using wheat flour, replace up to 25% with coconut flour as well as an equal amount of liquid.

Review: I have not yet used the flour yet. I am sure that I will like it though considering it has Non-Gmo, low in digestible carbohydrates and gluten free.

Organic Coconut Sugar: Coconut sugar is one of nature's best sweeteners. Farmers collect tree sap from the stalk of the unopened flower buds and boil it. As it cools, it granulates. The result is an aromatic sugar that looks and acts very much like brown sugar. Its pleasing delicious flavor sets it apart from cane sugars, stevia, agave syrup, and artificial sweeteners. Use it in sauces, meat rubs, and exotic dishes. It is great for baking, especially desserts. It complements fruit and, our favorite, chocolate. It dissolves easily and is perfect to sprinkle on oatmeal and to sweeten hot and cold beverages. Coconut World's 100% All-Natural Coconut Sugar is made with no preservatives or additives. No pesticides are used in the growing of coconut trees. We guarantee its purity and its premium quality.

Review: I tried this in my tea. I loved how good it tasted. Very flavorful. I cannot wait to bake with it and see how it changes the taste of my food.
Organic Coconut Jam: Coconut milk and coconut syrup combine to create this delicious and nourishing spread. Enjoy this exquisite treat on crackers with cheese. Spread on toast or a sandwich. Use it as a fruit dip. Natural oil separation may occur, just stir at room temperature. No refrigeration necessary.

Review: I love eating bagels in the morning. I decided to put some of the jam on my bagel and it was really good. Very tasty!

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Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes only. No payment was received for this review. My reviews are based on my personal opinions and experience using the item. All opinions are my own and 100%  honest.

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