Thursday, February 20, 2014

The best ways to help Sidestep the Winter Sniffles

·         Hand Sanitizer – Sometimes washing your hands is just not enough. In a busy work environment, we are constantly surrounded by germs as we are only really as healthy as the person next to us. Take one extra step to ward off germs and carry hand sanitizer. It is made of ethyl alcohol which claims to kill “99.99%” of most common germs that may cause illness in as little as 15 seconds and is made in small convenient bottles that can be easily carried in your purse

·         Cold-EEZE Natural Immune Support Quick Melts – If you do get sick or feel a cold coming on, take Cold-EEZE.  It’s clinically proven to shorten the duration of a cold by nearly half according to the Cleveland Clinic and Dartmouth College. Cold-EEZE releases zinc ions, which are absorbed by the upper respiratory system and block the cold virus from replicating.  You can take Cold-EEZE lozenges, use the convenient oral spray and DayTime/Nighttime QuickMelts, or try the new Cold-EEZE Natural Immune Support QuickMelts, which dissolve in your mouth. These QuickMelts contain also RoseHips and Echinacea and promotes immune health and antioxidant support. Available at

·         USANA Probiotics – USANA Probiotics are great way to keep healthy as it promotes sound immune function.  These small packets of probiotic food supplement powder can be added to water or another favorite cold beverage quickly and easily when you are feeling sick. Recent research suggest probiotics help sustain healthy immune function by promoting healthy bacterial growth and preventing introduction of harmful bacteria. For more on this supplement go to  

·         USANA Booster C 600 – USANA’s Booster C 600 is another great cold-fighting option that includes seasonal antioxidants that support your immune system. Booster C 600 contains Echinacea, Zinc, and Elderberry to keep you going strong when you are feeling less than your best. This supplement can be taken straight or mixed with water and is also available in convenient single-serving packets for a quick immune system boost. For more on this supplement go to  

·         Medifast Oatmeal Raisin Crunch Bar – For any person who is busy and always on-the-go the Medifast oatmeal raisin crunch bar is a naturally flavored healthy alternative to a snack! It is only 110 calories is low in sugar, contains 24 vitamins and minerals and is high in calcium. Medifast bars are fast and simple so it can fit anyone’s busy lifestyle. Medifast bars are available at

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