Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Review: Amara Organics Vitamin C Face Serum

Amara Organics is a company committed to using the highest quality natural and organic ingredients in there skin care products. Amara Organics cutting edge formulations will deliver results. Each product they create goes through a careful selection process and extensive clinical testing before it ever reaches the public. They only use organic, non-toxic ingredients in there skin care products. It is extremely important to them. Another great thing about Amara Organics is that they do not test on animals. 

Amara Organics recently gave me the chance to test out Vitamin C Face Serum.

Vitamin C Serum for Face 20% - With Vegan Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin E - Best Natural & Organic Anti Aging Formula Stimulates Collagen, Repairs Wrinkles & Fades Age Spots - Gives Skin a Radiant & Youthful Glow - Guaranteed Results
With Vitamin C Face Serum you can enjoy radiant, youthful skin again with there potent blend of ingredients. The serum is professionally formulated using the highest quality Vitamin C, E, and Hyaluronic Acid available.

Amara Organics Vitamin C Face Serum replenishes your skin's vitamin C levels to give you these benefits:
  • Increases the production of collagen to bring back skin's natural elasticity and counteract fine lines and wrinkles
  • Powerful antioxidant properties neutralize free radicals to reverse damage caused by the sun, pollutants, and cigarette smoke
  • Protects your skin from UV damage such as age spots, discoloration, and fine lines
  • Improves skin texture to give you a smoother, brighter complexion
  • Combined with Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid for extra powerful anti-aging effects
 As much as I hate to face it I am getting older. Anything to help my skin become more youthful I am all for. This product seemed to really help with the fine lines that I do have. I like to wash my face first then apply the serum to my face and neck area. Its so easy to apply! It does not take long to absorb into your skin, so you can feel free to apply make up afterwards.. I have very sensitive skin but did not notice any irritations from this products. It feels very light on my skin. You can use this serum twice daily. 

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Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes only. No payment was received for this review. My reviews are based on my personal opinions and experience using the item. All opinions are my own and 100%  honest.

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