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Beyond the Bottle: It’s Hip to Drink Water Again with a Healthy Alternative to Unsafe Tap Water and Plastic Pollution

Beyond the Bottle: It’s Hip to Drink Water Again with a Healthy Alternative to Unsafe Tap Water and Plastic Pollution

COLD SPRING HARBOR, NY (December 2015) – 2015 surveys show that water is quickly becoming America's drink of choice with every American consuming an average of 35 gallons of bottled water per year.[1] While Americans may be taking their health and hydration more seriously, the huge increase in consumption of bottled water is not a good development for the environment. Icebox Water (, a company focused on providing consumers with an alternative to traditional bottled water in the form of a more sustainable package composed of paper, helps shed light on this issue.

The growing popularity of bottled water is mainly due to fear of unsafe drinking water from the tap, and in a lot of cases Americans are justifiably concerned. Just this month, news was released about unsafe levels of uranium in the water supply of California’s farm valleys. In this swath of farmland, roughly 250 miles long and encompassing cities, up to one in 10 public water systems have raw drinking water with uranium levels that exceed safety standards.[2] More broadly, nearly 2 million people in California's Central Valley and the U.S. Midwest live within a half-mile of groundwater containing uranium over the health limits.[3] Government authorities say long-term exposure to uranium can damage kidneys and raise cancer risks, and scientists say it can have other harmful effects.[4] These safety concerns prompt a need for an alternative to tap water.

“Our water is polluted, so we’re not going to get rid of people drinking from water bottles. … The best way to do it is to change the architecture of how we produce the product,” states Dr. Andrea Neal, President of Blue Ocean Sciences.

One alternative, the plastic water bottle, is problematic as well. Over 8 million tons of plastic waste finds its way into the oceans each year, resulting in at least five plastic garbage gyres around the world, and considerable damage to marine life.[5] Even when plastic water bottles find their way to recycling facilities, they’re not guaranteed to be recycled. In fact, typically 50% of what is placed in recycling bins is never recycled.[6] There is still a need for widespread information about what can and cannot be recycled and that information is dependent on location and available recycling facilities.

Icebox Water becomes the best alternative to unsafe tap water and plastic bottles. Consumers can be confident of their purchase knowing that Icebox Water offers crystal clear spring water from Canada’s True North Spring in recyclable, paper cartons. Its natural spring water has been purified on its journey through a natural glaciomarine aquifer and is protected from human interference and contamination. Because the natural spring water is drawn from so deep underground, it is completely pure and free from contaminants. Icebox Water’s BPA-free cartons are 100% recyclable, reducing plastic pollution with each purchase.

Join Icebox Water by living Beyond the Bottle.

About Icebox Water™:
Icebox Water™ produces conveniently packaged water that is good for people and good for the planet. The unique pressed paper carton packaging is 100% recyclable and BPA-free. Icebox Water boxes its water at the source of Canadian springs to ensure that it maintains the highest standards of purity and taste. As a member of the non-profit 1% for the Planet ( and through its GreenUp Hollywood campaign, Icebox Water demonstrates its commitment to social responsibility and sustainability. Icebox Water™ can be found throughout North America at major markets such as Whole Foods, Mother’s Market, and Albertson’s.

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