Wednesday, March 30, 2016

One Scrub Away

Whether winter’s chill has dried you out or you spent a little too much time under the sun, dry, flakey and blemished skin is never a good look.

With products from Surya Brasil, Pura Naturals, Key West Aloe and emerginC you are only a scrub away from radiant and fresh skin.

Surya Brasil Sapien Collection Facial Scrub

Made with Amazonian Organic ingredients and 100% natural exfoliants from coconut bark and organic Buriti, this facial scrub removes dead cell and impurities leaving skin silky, smooth, soft and hydrated.

Price: $16.99, available online via   

Pura Naturals Exfoliating Soap-Infused Body Bar

These soap-infusion sponges introduce a new way to cleanse. The Soap-Infused Body Bar is a 3-in-1 soap, washcloth and loofah, formulated with hydrating and soothing oils, including coconut, soybean and sunflower oil.  

Available in Citrus Splash, Lavender Mist and Eucalyptus Breeze.

Price: $ 5.99, available online via

Key West Aloe Oatmeal Facial Scrub

Exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin with oatmeal, apricot seeds, and papaya and apple extracts.

Price: $17, available online via

emerginC ginger-lime sugar scrub

This luxurious scrub is made with 100% botanical extracts to nourish, hydrate and condition skin. Gentle enough for everyday use, the scrub containing sugar, antioxidant rich shea butter, coconut oil, grape seed oil, sunflower oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, apricot kernel oil, pumpkin seed oil, noni oil, ginger root oil and lime oil.

Price: $45, available online via


Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes only. No payment was received for this review. My reviews are based on my personal opinions and experience using the item. All opinions are my own and 100%  honest.

The Essence of Beauty

“Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty.” From the master himself, Derek Zoolander, knows the secret to have beautiful post-winter skin. Unlock the mystery behind fresh and dewy looking skin with hydration. Quench your skin with a drink of hydration and antioxidants it yearns for with emerginc’s Peptide Booster Serum.

Packed with red algae, kombucha, bamboo, pomegranate and more; this little serum can go a long way, with just a few drops after cleansing skin! 

emerginC Scientific Organics Peptide Booster Serum

Brightens, firms, helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, moisturizes, and fights free radical damage. 
·        Red Algae
·        Aloe Vera
·        Colhibin Peptide
·        Black Tea

Price: $85 online via


Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes only. No payment was received for this review. My reviews are based on my personal opinions and experience using the item. All opinions are my own and 100%  honest.

Easy, Breezy Spring Cleaning

Whether you’re scrubbing your house from ­top to bottom or polishing up your skin, Pura Naturals is here to make your spring cleaning a breeze. From health and beauty to kitchen and household sponges, make your spring cleaning enjoyable.

 Health & Beauty

Facial Cleansing Pads

No need for slippery soap, an exfoliating scrub, or messy washcloth. Our all-in-one facial cleansing pad attracts oils, dirt, makeup and impurities from your skin while gently exfoliating. Infused with vegan, gluten-free soap in a variety of scents, natural botanicals and essential oils.

Price: $8.99/3-Pack, available online via

Body Bars

Experience the aromatherapy of an invigorating shower with a Citrus Splash, relaxation of Eucalyptus Breeze and Lavender Mist Body Bars. This body bar is free from sulfates, parabens and phthalates and contains no synthetic microbeads for a natural clean.

Price: $5.99, available online via

Active Sponges

Perfect for when you’re on the go, it’s your must have for your gym bag, game day or camping. It’s convenient head-to-toe cleaning you can take anywhere without messy soaps and washcloth.

Price: $8.99/3-Pack, available online via

Kitchen & Household

Kitchen & Household Sponges

These hard-working, long-lasting sponges lift grease and grime like a magnet and are available with walnut-based scrubber pads.

  • Stays fresh and won’t smell – guaranteed
  • 25 times stronger than the leading sponge
  • Available in multi-packs
  • Soap-infused with a degreasing, biodegradable cleanser
  • Made in the USA with Earth-conscious materials

Price: $1.99-$2.99/Single; $5.70-$8.50/3-Pack,
available online via


Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes only. No payment was received for this review. My reviews are based on my personal opinions and experience using the item. All opinions are my own and 100%  honest.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Ditch the Shower, Not Your Workout

How can you break a sweat when you won’t have time to shower? For those days when you are running short on time, pack your gym bag with gym essentials from Snap, ClarityRx and José Eber that will leave you looking, feeling and smelling fresh after a hard-core workout.

Snap Perfume

A portable, light-weight, compact size fragrance is perfect to throw in your gym bag. With a simple mist of perfectly blended modern aromas, Snap will leave you with an unforgettable and sensational impression after a tough workout. Have fun choosing from these sleek urban packaging that range from cool metallic finishes to dynamic colorful designs.

Price: $14.99 online via
ClarityRX Take Your Vitamins

After a good sweat, soothe and nourish parched skin with Take Your Vitamins. This daily mineral spray cools on contact to relieve irritated and dehydrated skin. It also replenishes lost moisture while having a calming effect.

Price: $42 online via
José Eber Petite Flat Iron

Let down the ponytail and straighten your hair up post workout. A perfect travel companion, this flat iron provides the professional quality styling of a full size flat iron in a convenient and compact design.

Price: $50 online via


Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes only. No payment was received for this review. My reviews are based on my personal opinions and experience using the item. All opinions are my own and 100%  honest.

Don't Leave Your Toner Home Alone

Put down the pizza and undo your traps, this isn’t the fourth Home Alone. If Kevin McAllister has taught us anything, it’s that forgetting things is pretty easy. After cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing, it may seem like you’ve exhausted all your steps, but might have been missing the most important one all along.

Don’t be fooled by all your cleansers and exfoliates – they leave behind about 50% of dirt and grime from your daily routine. Complete the cleanse of your skin and wipe away stubborn particles that get left behind while balancing your skin with a gentle toner.

scientific organics Spirulina Toner
A gentle toner for all skin types to refresh, nourish and re-balance the skin.  It tones, removes dead skin cells and prepares the skin for better product absorption.

·        Spirulina
·        Blue-green algae
·        Kombucha
·        Green Tea
·        Aloe Vera

Price: $30 online via
Le Mieux Essence Toner

Cleanse thoroughly with this age-defying, serum-infused toner contains bioactive peptides, ten botanical extracts, protective antioxidants and anti-aging minerals to help correct fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.

·        Lemon Peel Extract
·        White Tea Extract
·        Indian Gooseberry
·        Rosemary

Price: $24 online via

Jeffrey James The Toner

Vitamin C renews the skin while fighting free radicals alongside over a dozen unique botanical actives. Nourish skin while cleansing away daily grime and dirt.

·        Geranium Essential Oil
·        Vitamin C
·        Glycolic Acid
·        Camu Camu Berry

Price: $27 online via
Key West Aloe in the Pink Toner

Clarify, tone, and soften your skin with Aloe In The Pink, a mild, non-drying cleansing astringent made with 20% Aloe Vera.

·        Witch Hazel
·        Allantoin
·        Aloe Vera

Price: $15 online via


Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes only. No payment was received for this review. My reviews are based on my personal opinions and experience using the item. All opinions are my own and 100%  honest.

Spring Into a Non-toxic Lifestyle with LOVE GOODLY

Spring Into a Non-toxic Lifestyle with LOVE GOODLY
Your closet is not the only area in need of some deep cleaning.
With a few simple tweaks and additions, such as exclusive & non-toxic finds from LOVE GOODLY,
you’ll feel so refreshed you won't want to leave home!

All 100% Toxin and Cruelty-free Products Curated with Love and Giving Back to Charity

 Give your place an aromatic makeover
With luxurious exclusive scents by CELLAR DOOR x LOVE GOODLY ($10-$22)
Available in large or travel size, these 100% vegan candles are LOVE GOODLY exclusives, guaranteed to warm up any room! 
Featuring four mesmerizing scents such as TAHITIAN GRAPEFRUIT VANILLA, each candle is lovingly hand-poured using only the highest quality, non-toxic and cruelty-free ingredients.
Purchasing these items supports FARM SANCTUARY

Ditch that drab old plastic toothbrush
and upgrade to PLUS ULTRA’s Hello Gorgeous Bamboo Toothbrush ($5.99)
Your new eco-friendly alternative to the harmful plastic version, this toothbrush features a handle sculpted from bamboo –
a sustainable resource that is both durable and inherent with anti-bacterial qualities that protect from germs and mold.
Purchasing this item supports FARM SANCTUARY

Start your Spring Cleaning on the inside
with The Super Green Molecule by FOUNTAIN ($28)
The Super Green Molecule is a concentrated beauty and lifestyle supplement of alfalfa chlorophyll, kelp, and a vegan Hyaluronic Acid matrix.  With over 40 minerals, 16 amino acids, and 11 vitamins, this miracle formula enhances energy levels, delivers internal tissue hydration, and aids weight management.
Purchasing this item supports CURE CERVICAL CANCER.ORG

Add a touch of serenity to your kitchen
with the LOVE GOODLY + NOVICA collab box ($39.95)
The Heavenly Gift Set includes an all-natural Lavender and Chamomile soap, an organic cotton handmade tea towel, and a Novica fair trade celadon soap plate by artist Duangkamol. Curated in partnership with LOVE GOODLY.
Purchasing this item supports CURE CERVICAL CANCER.ORG

Keep your spirit centered and your yoga mat fresh
with yoga mat cleanser by BLISSOMA ($11.99)
With essential oils of tea tree, lavender, frankincense, eucalyptus citriodara, and palmarosa, this spray effectively removes dirt, sweat, oils, and other contaminants and comes in a small unbreakable bottle – perfect to throw in your bag before going to class.  Don’t have access to soap and water after class? This formula works as a great hand and foot cleanser as well!
Purchasing this item supports CURE CERVICAL CANCER.ORG

And while cleaning out the pantry, consider swapping the chips and sugary cereals
with a variety of organic vegan options such as…

PURELY ELIZABETH Ancient Grain Granola Mini Cranberry ($2.49)
Certified gluten-free, non-GMO, organic, and vegan, this granola comes in a convenient single serving pouch of tart, chewy cranberries, roasted texas pecans, and ancient grains and seeds.  Swirl it into a creamy yogurt or sprinkle over a hot bowl of cereal for a quick, easy, and delicious breakfast.
Purchasing this item supports CURE CERVICAL CANCER.ORG

Macadamia & Coconut Superfood Chocolate ($9)
Made with the highest-quality raw, organic ingredients and plant-based superfoods, every bar of ALOHA Superfood Chocolate was created with love for a nutritious indulgence.
This chocolate is packed with hundreds of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, along with fair-trade, hand-harvested cacao beans from Peru.
Purchasing this item supports FARM SANCTUARY

GO RAW Banana Bread Flax Bar ($2.60)
The rich taste of banana bread is combined with all the goodness of raw foods in this power-packed bar. By gently drying sprouting seeds rather than cooking them, the powerful nutrients are multiplied and enzymes are unlocked to super-charge digestion and support optimal health.
Purchasing this item supports CURE CERVICAL CANCER.ORG

The Goodness doesn’t have to end just because Spring does!
Receive a mix of LUXURIOUS, HEALTHY & TOXIN FREE beauty products, lifestyle brands, and healthy snacks delivered straight to your door to keep the wellness flowing all year round!
Live an eco-friendly, vegan lifestyle, while giving back – 5% of each purchase supports Farm Sanctuary or Cure Cervical Cancer in 2016.

Discover more at

Simplify Your Beauty Routine with Sally Hansen, Rimmel London and NYC New York Color

Simplify your beauty routine for Spring with these new innovative multi-tasking products from Sally Hansen, Rimmel London and NYC New York Color—beauty should be easy!


THINK: All-in-one portable eye palette

WHAT IT IS: An all-in one palette containing a primer, four complimentary shadow shades, a highlighter and a gel liner. Each palette comes with step-by-step instructions for easy application

AVAILABLE SHADES: three shade ranges: (link to all available shades:

The Nudes Collection: soft, warm neutrals available in Beige Nudes, Pink Nudes and Bronze Nudes

The Basics Collection:  brown tones for each eye color, including Green Eyes Basics, Blue Eyes Basics and Brown Eyes Basics

The Smokey Eyes Collection: sultry options of Smokey Charcoals and Smokey Violets



THINK: Get Ready For Model-Worthy Contours

WHAT IT IS: Known for her infamous cheekbones and her unique sense of style, Kate Moss has collaborated with Rimmel to create her very own Rimmel Sculpting & Highlighting Kit. Using her expertise in sculpting gained from years of experience Kate has collaborated with Rimmel to design a palette made up of three silky soft pressed powders to highlight, contour and define your face. After all, who better than Kate to create a sensational sculpting must-have?!

Get the gorgeous bone structure you always wanted! Rimmel introduces its first Sculpting & Highlighting Kit designed with Kate Moss - a trio of pressed powder shades to highlight, contour and define. Perfect for every face shape and skin tone, the silky soft powders seamlessly blend with your natural skin tone to create a healthy, radiant, sculpted look.

The easy-to-use kit features:
1.         Soft shimmer powder to highlight
2.         Matte shading powder to contour
3.         Powder blush for definition and colour 

Use a little colour for a natural, everyday contoured look. Or be bold with a dramatic sculpted look. Each of the powder shades can also be used separately.

Ready to sculpt and contour like a celeb? Get the London look.

AVAILABLE SHADES: #001 Golden Sands – for fair skin,  #002 Coral Glow – for fair to medium skin,  #003 Golden Bronze – for medium to dark skin



THINK: It’s time to lose your lash curler.
 WHAT IT IS: New 24 Hour Supercurler Mascara from Rimmel London is a revolutionary mascara and lash curler in one, giving you dramatic, even curl and volume that lasts all day and all night. No more pulling or tearing at your lashes—with its built-in curling power, the mascara gives lashes a “perm” effect. The patent-pending formula features a revolutionary polymer, a spherical micro-sponge, and a soft gel. When combined, the breakthrough formula curls, volumizes, and pushes lashes up to a phenomenal 90 degrees. Lashes are visibly transformed as soon as you apply, and set to a flawless curl in seconds. With its curved-eye shape, the special brush fits perfectly into the contours of your eye, giving you flawless application every time. Its cleverly-designed fibers lift and curl lashes from the root to tip, separating each lash for defined, clump-free color. Use the mascara alone, or create an eye-opening look by layering it over your favorite Rimmel mascara. Let your lashes defy the laws of gravity with breathtaking curve appeal.
AVAILABLE SHADES: Black, Extreme Black

THINK: Sally Hansen’s beloved product, COMPLETE CARE EXTRA MOISTURIZING 7-IN-1 NAIL TREATMENT, just got even better

WHAT IT IS: Whether your nail problem is dryness, ridges, dullness, breakage, peeling, or all of the above, Sally Hansen presents the solution: new Complete Care 7-in-1 Nail Treatment. This product helps restore dry, brittle nails making them visibly healthier and beautiful. After just 3 days, nails look shinier, stronger, mega-moisturized and brighter with ridges filled. The exclusive patented formula, with Avocado Oil, Sea Salt, Pomegranate Extract and Calcium, immediately protects and continuously nourishes nails, helping create the perfect foundation for any manicure. The product features a new brush for an even application and dries quickly to a smooth, hard finish.This versatile treatment can be used alone or with your favorite Sally Hansen nail color when applied as a base coat or as a protective top coat. To wear it alone, simply apply two coats to clean, dry, bare nails. Use it to refresh a manicure by brushing on one thin coat to nails. It goes on smoothly and evenly, for a streak-free application.

WHAT IT COSTS:  $12.99


Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes only. No payment was received for this review. My reviews are based on my personal opinions and experience using the item. All opinions are my own and 100%  honest.